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YVTS can complete returns for businesses that required a Schedule C; and also, Partnership, S Corp, C Corp, and Non-profit returns. 

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or text/call 503-883-1851 to discuss your tax situation and make an appointment. 

Feel free to download and fill out any relevant proformas below, and/or I will mail or email you the necessary paperwork to fill out.  For security reasons please do not email filled out proformas; a secure online file transfer method is available.


Self-Employed, including Single Member LLC’s:

                Schedule C info

                Schedule E Rental info

                Schedule F info

                Home Office info

                Auto info

                Depreciation info

                Asset sales info


C Corporation:

                C Corp general info

                C Corp Officer info

                C Corp Schedule K Other info

                C Corp Income info

                C Corp Schedule L Balance Sheet

                C Corp Deductions info

                C Corp COGS and Dividends info

                C Corp Depreciation info

                C Corp Farm income info

S Corporations:

                S Corp general info

                S Corp Officer info

                S Corp Income, taxes, and payments info

                S Corp Deductions info

                S Corp Balance sheet info

                S Corp Cogs and other info          

                S Corp Depreciation info              

                S Corp Farm income info              

                S Corp Rental info


                Partnership general info

                Partnership Partner info

                Partnership Other required info

                Partnership Income and COGS info

                Partnership Deductions info

                Partnership Balance sheet info

                Partnership Depreciation info

                Partnership Farm income info

                Partnership Rentals info